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Default If You Ever Lost a dck Due to Job Loss.......

did the dcp's ever ask you to "hold" a spot until they found another job?

I'm losing my first dcb (this is his last week) whom I've had almost a year now due to dcm being laid off. Right now the future is unknown of course...she is looking for employment both in & out of state, or perhaps contemplating going back to school part-time, etc....and she is suggesting that she wants dcb to have his space here and come one day per week here just to play since he loves it here in the meantime.

Um, I CANNOT hold a full-time spot so he can come play one day per week....and everything is so up in the air. She had been interviewing all over anyway since the beginning of the year with no luck.

DCM is coming over to talk to me tomorrow am about all of this and what she's thinking. I'm thinking to tell her fine, she can bring dcb ONE set day per week, but that if I find someone to fill his spot, I would have to let him go. HOW DO I SAY THAT IN A NICE WAY?? Should I even bother stringing them along like that? I'm afraid she will want to drop-in here & there for interviews, etc and I really don't want that as she's the chatty-stay-for-an-hour-at-drop-off type. Oy!

ANY advice would be most appreciated - thanks!!!

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