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Unhappy Lurking Newbie with Problem

I have been keeing a 2 year old dcg now for four months. She's a sweet child and a pleasure to have. Her mom is another story. Lately she's been angry and I haven't a clue until she revealed she discovered she's a ******* and wants a divorce but dh won't have it. I keep my mouth shut b/c I don't want to force my views on anyone and silence is golden. Yesterday she picked up dcg at 4:30. I began tidying my home and my dd needed me to help her organize her closet. My dh arrived home around 6 and started getting ready for a guys night with some college buddies. They were going to shoot pool and hang out. He turned up the stereo (not too loud as to disturb but loud) and had rap playing. It wasn't vulgar rap just Summer Time by Will Smith. He jumped in the shower and I hear my doorbell ringing. I leave dd and hurry downstairs and it's the dcg mom. She goes, "is that rap music?"

I am puzzled as to why she is at my door and look at the driveway where dcg is in the car on the drivers side smiling and dancing. I ask her what does she want? She goes on to say she needs to talk to me with her arms crossed. I tell her fine but since it's 100 degrees to take dcg out of the hot car. She huffs and lets her out then starts telling me I play rap music when the kids are there which I do not. I have tons of children music and I cannot stand most rap anyway. She goes on to say my dh looks at her in an uncomfortable manner. I am shocked b/c I know for a face she does not know or have ever seen my husband. She insists he looks at her like he's undressing her so I ask her to describe my dh please. She goes he's white with blonde hair and brown dark eyes. I don't reply b/c my dh is filipino and black. What's the point in arguing with a liar? There is a dcd that fits the description but he is friendly and not that type of man. Anyway she complains my teen son is rude b/c he doesn't speak and walks by her. That's when I got angry. My son is a good kid who stays out of the way when these kids are here. I told her to get off my property and leave my life in peace. She takes out her cell phone and calls 911 to tell them I'm threatening her. I go inside and try to calm myself down but I can't.

The police arrived and was very angry with ME at first until they started asking more questions. When my dh came outside to see what was going on the cop said, 'Who is this guy?" When I informed him my dh he looked at her like she was crazy. Finally the officer told me "ma'am go inside and enjoy your evening. i'm so sorry."

I look out my window and he talks to her a long time and she is yelling then crying. I don't know what her problem is but today she shows up with dcg like nothing happened but called a few minutes to say "we will continue where we left off yesterday before you got me in trouble with the law."

I am not a coward but this woman has a history of violence and I don't want to put my family in harm. I can take it but not them. They are innocent. I am innocent too but she doesnt' believe me.

Thanks in advance- Bea.
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