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Originally Posted by momofsix View Post
Just be careful, when I called my homeowner's agent to check if they would cover me (they don't) they said I HAD to get additional coverage or my regular homeowner's would be terminated because of the uninsured daycare business in my home. I now have a seperate policy that cost me $360/year.
I wish I never would have called.
Just reminding everyone on here that insurance should be treated just like any other purchase. Call around and ask for pricing. I thought I was getting a good deal with AllState before I changed to State Farm until I got a quote and realized that I could be getting double the coverage for all 3 of my cars at lower rate. Then once we added our homeowner's insurance it lowered even more. I'm sure that one of the reasons that we pay so little for our daycare rider is because of all of the policies we now have with State Farm (3 cars, 1 motorcycle, house, and life insurance policies on all of us). Better believe that once a year we call every insurance company and gets quotes again, but have since then stuck with this one.
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