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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
Emergency shelter in place grab bag. Safety suckers for the littles, starburst, blow pops and laffy taffy for the olders. Don't forget water bottles, sippy cups.

I do my fire drills at different times of day once a month. Fridays was 12 seconds. Typical time is 20 seconds. 6/1 ratio. Blankets, snacks and toys are waiting for us in our go to place.

Preparation is key.
Yes... AR started requiring grab & go kits in 2011, I continued it here in TN. Water, spare formula & snacks plus first aid kit & emergency cards. I had to evacuate 4-5 babies by myself twice within 3 days back in 2011 - you don't have time to grab coats, shoes etc, you just put the kids in the rollaway crib grab the bag & go...

People that have never been thru a real fire or gas scare have no clue that you literally have less than 60 seconds or you are gone. Been thru a fire in the middle of the night 1994 - I grabbed my own 4 children when the alarm sounded at 3 am & got out the door just as the house blew up from the gas line. Had another issue after the AR floods in 2011 (the time I evacuated with 5 daycare babes twice).
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