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Originally Posted by Lissa Kristine View Post
The main concern people have here is the kids being outside in the cold.

If it's a drill, they'll only be outside for a minute or so at most.

If it's an actual emergency situation, we'd evacuate to the General Store down the street where we can meet and wait for parents to pick up. Either way, the kids won't be out in the cold for hours on end, and even if they are, it's not going to kill them.

Smoke inhalation? Second and third degree burns?

Yeah, that could kill 'em.
I have 5 fold up emergency blankets in the grab & go; It will keep kids warm enough even outdoors for 30 minutes. My neighbors and I also have it set up that I set off my car alarm in an emergency (spare FOB in the kit)... they know & have met all my babies & will coming running in a heartbeat to help. You don't have time to put on coats and shoes in a true evacuation situation & many places don't get that... you do the drill as if it's a real emergency. That's the point of the drill
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