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Originally Posted by hwichlaz View Post
Are there flash floods where you live? Here if we’re flooding we get a lot of warning. We can easily evacuate while driving is still possible. I just need to watch the water level in my driveway in relation to the tires on my SUV.
In some areas I have lived in the past 10 years, yes Flash floods did happen & Where they happened in Fayetteville AR, it had never happened before (2011), however, just last year it happened again in the exact same area because of excessive rain in a short time ( like 30 minutes). Here my street turns into a river every time it's heavy rains & we get warnings for flash floods & major ponding on roads. I know in FL (2002-04) we had excessive water during some rains and you couldn't drive down any street without risking stalling & drowning & sometimes it happened quickly because of a foot or more of water in intersections. The question is, if you found out you couldn't get out, what would you do?
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