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Originally Posted by melissa ann View Post
I hope I'm prepared enough for the day. Since there is no school, I have the 2 not so well behaved s/a girls, as welll as their little brother and my own 2 kids. We already have one project done. Well, they are in the freezer. We collected leaves, berries, sticks etc and then put them in a small alum. pie pie, about 1/3 filled with water (I sprayed it first with pam, so it will slide out when frozed) put them in the freezer. this afternoon we will take them out and have our own suncatchers. I also have 2 projects for MLk (from funsteps, that was given to me). We also have bread going in the bread machine. We are going to have french bread pizza for lunch. The kids will help. I also invested $15 and got 3 pot holder weaving kits. My dd got one for Christmas and loves it. My 4 yr son also loves it. So I got one for each dcg and for my son. That should keep them occupied for awhile. The refills also cost $5. Maybe this afternoon we will watch a movie and make popcorn. IT's too cold to go outside. Right now, it's like 18 degrees
Wow, you are amazing!!!! The suncatcher idea is very cool - way to keeo them busy! Hope your day goes quick. Any chance of you being able to get rid of the SA with new clients?
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