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Default Pulled the Plug today

I am a reg, but chose to log out.

Today we were supposed to go on a fun field trip. Well around 10:30 after snack we were all getting ready to go. ALL of the kids, not just one, BUT all of them were acting up, throwing tantrums, not listening and being defiant. After a good 10 solid minutes of this, I decided to pull the plug on the Field Trip.

I have not told the parents yet, but obviously will have to. I am worried that they will be upset at me for cancelling the trip. BUT my reasoning is that if they were not listening to me while in the home, I could not risk them not listening to me while outside of the home and something going wrong. I felt that it was in the best interest of the children's safety to cancel the trip. Should I write a letter, or should I tell each parent as they arrive for pick up?

I know that the parents are going to want to know what their child was doing wrong. I really don't want to get into that and just want to let them all know that I do reserve the right to cancle any field trips for any reason.

Do you guys think that I did the wrong thing and how would you explain it to all???

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