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Default Is this Professional?

This is my rate increase letter I will be sending out soon.
Is this professional enough? Is it nice? Anything I should change?

By mid June I will be a licensed in home provider in our new house at *** ***XX ***XX! I am very excited to be moving as it will allow more room for the children
both indoors and outdoors to play. This will also mean that I will have the State
drop in to make sure I am following the state standards of in home daycares. I will also
be able to take part in different programs to enhance the daycare.
Because I will be a licensed povider I am going to be changing my rates which will take
effect July 1st of this year. These rates are going to reflect the rates that licensed
in home providers in this area charge. The rates will be as followed:

Ages infant-18months: Full Time (26-50 hrs a week) $135 a week
infant-18months: Part Time (1-25 hrs a week) $85 a week

Ages 19months-5 yrs: Full Time (26-50 hrs a week) $120 a week
19months-5 yrs: Part Time (1-25 hrs a week) $70 a week

School Age: (26-50 hrs a week) $80 a week- This would be for summer, school breaks, etc.
(1-25 hrs a week) $50 a week- This would be for Before & After School care

This has been a difficult decision to increase rates but unlike other forms of self-employment,
family child care is very restrictive. There is absolutely no room for growth because
the State of Kansas dictates the size of my business. I appreciate your understanding
of the rate increase. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
discuss it with me.


** Attached with this note is your child's current tuition and what the tuition
will be as of July 1st.
Please sign that sheet.
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