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Default Anyone try Scholastic "My Big World"?

I am not really a preschool, sit-down, teacher-led activities type person. I'm all about play-based learning and lots of reading, conversations, and teachable moments.

I thought this might be a nice supplement, though.

It cost me $49 for 8 months of readers for 10 children (I only need 5, but it ended up cheaper and I get the teacher supplement). There are two for each month, so nothing too heavy-duty.

My plan is to enhance them with a few related projects, changing out toys, sensory table, books to go with the "theme" (I do this already but it's really random), and finding other little ways to enhance the learning.

What do you think? My kiddos are all 2's, so I won't expect too much from the little worksheet type stuff on the back. I figure some will want to do that, and some will want to scribble. I'm ok with either.
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