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Default Wanna Borrow My Eyes? Vent

So every month we have a family participation activity.

This month we decided to have a family pumpkin decorating contest for everyone.

All of the information went out on October news letter, it's posted on our website, FB page, all over our classroom and etc, OH and fliers went home too. the instructions are simple and pretty easy to understand.

All pumpkins are to be a family project, and then bring them in a brown paperbag. We take pics of them, post them on our FB page and let everyone vote for a winner that will get a family fun night package for our city kid zone.

So today in walks a dcd with a pumpkin plain and says DCG wants it to be a princess and hands it to me. I look at him Lost, well because I am.

I said ok great well I hope you guys have a fantastic time with your transformation and hand it back. DCD looks at me and says well aren't you doing it here and I said no, it is a family project and you are supposed to do it with your child. Should be a fun time. I walk away.

So I think it's over. NOPE then dcd calls me and says I just talked to DCM and she said you asked for it to be brought there and I am going to bring it back.

I tell him not sure where she got this idea, please read one of the above. hang up

again calls. DCD calls and says dcm is yelling at me to bring this to you and make sure it gets dropped off now. So I said ok, I don't want you fighting with DCM over this, bring it back if you must and I will just send it home at the end of the day with another flier.

sorry, just venting, but how many times and how many ways can one possibly convey a message to people and still no one reads it!!

OK vent over.
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