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Originally Posted by nanglgrl View Post
That has to be very frustrating!

On another note, are you required to send home family projects? I only ask because I hated it when my children's preschools did that and I know they were required to. I do everything with my kids, have little free time and the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is another craft. I also noticed that there was always at least one kid in the class who's family never did the family projects and it was sad.

I rarely send home anything like that but recently send home "all about me" posters for the parents/children to do and asked that they add photos of their family. My plan was for each child to have one hanging in the room. Out of 8 families only 5 brought their poster back and several of them required me to ask for it several times. I was stuck doing the posters for the rest of the children because I didn't want anyone not to have one hanging in the room.
yes, I have to have parent participation activities. I try not to have one like this every month and if I do, it will be something like on your way to XYZ while on a road trip play this game or sing this song or etc.

So at least I have proof that I am requesting that they do it, I don't actually have to follow up that they did do it.

I don't require anyone to do it, but most of the time everyone does. Especially when I throw a prize in the pot! lol

I did tell the families that if they do not feel they can participate in this activity to let me know. I do have one family that does not celebrate halloween and so I said would you like to make a THANKS pumpkin instead and they said yes. other than that, all of my families will be on board with it.!

yes and frustrating is how it feels!!
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