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Originally Posted by nanglgrl View Post
That has to be very frustrating!

On another note, are you required to send home family projects? I only ask because I hated it when my children's preschools did that and I know they were required to. I do everything with my kids, have little free time and the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is another craft. I also noticed that there was always at least one kid in the class who's family never did the family projects and it was sad.

I rarely send home anything like that but recently send home "all about me" posters for the parents/children to do and asked that they add photos of their family. My plan was for each child to have one hanging in the room. Out of 8 families only 5 brought their poster back and several of them required me to ask for it several times. I was stuck doing the posters for the rest of the children because I didn't want anyone not to have one hanging in the room.
Participation is why I try not to do parent projects AT ALL, and I have severely reduced our special days. I find it sad because the kids LOVE when their parents do something with them for school (eg. I only requested that they bring in ONE fall leaf. Half of my families didn't do it. Geesh, they could have picked one up from my yard on the way in!) Disappointed kids.
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