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Originally Posted by Thriftylady View Post
Well geesh you would think if they didn't want to do it, they just wouldn't do it.
I get it, people make mistakes and maybe DCM and DCD were in the heat of something else that I was not aware of and wouldn't want to be aware of.

DCM came to pick up and was actually very apologetic about it. she said that she thought it was supposed to be done here and she was worried that DCD was just ignoring the request to bring them to school.

she admitted that she only scanned over the stuff sent home. Guess that is why her kid didn't get to make the witches brew last week with the rest of us. She will have to do it this week because lucky for them the kids want to do it again... We needed empty plastic bottles from home for this and they didn't bring one. AND of course this was the one time I didn't have an extra one.
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