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Default My Provider Terminated Me With No Notice But I Paid In Advance. Do I Get A Refund?

I went to my DC today to drop off my daughter and submit a notice that I would be leaving soon. Today is the 10th and I was paid up until the 14th. I asked her if I could just use what I had paid for and she cited the 2 weeks notice policy. I agreed that I did owe her a two weeks notice, which would put my last day as the 23rd. I and asked her what it would cost to cover the 15th to the 23rd so I could fulfill my obligation to give proper notice. She informed me that she would not prorate the remainder of my notice and I needed to pay her for two full weeks. By doing that I would be paying her for an additional 5 days that I do not wish to use her. I seem to think my 2 weeks notice begins when I provide it in writing while she seems to think its 2 weeks in addition to what I've already paid. The portion of the contract just says I need to provide a two weeks notice when I wish to end services and have to pay the two weeks wether or not I use the remaining days. Of which I agree to, since I offered to pay her and use her until the 23rd.

We went back and forth discussing figures, what dates I had paid and when, and the specifics of the contract. We disagreed on some things but we both remained calm and professional. I again stated I would pay, on the spot, the remainder of my 2 weeks notice if she could provide me with a dollar amount for the 9 unpaid days. She went in to her personal issues a bit and said it would be best for us to end our relationship immediately. She stated that she had to finish putting up her Christmas tree, decorations, and had holiday shopping to do. She told me about her sister needing surgery and an upcoming event for a grandchild. She offers 24/7 care but since I am the only parent who needs Saturday services, she has to postpone things to stay home with one kid (mine). The reason I selected her was because I do work full time, including nights and weekends. I asked her that since she is the one not accepting my notice and terminating the contract with no notice, would I be reimbursed for the 10th through the 14th. At first she said yes, then did the math and said no. She said she'd have to think all of this over and would let me know later. She proceded to put my daughter's things in a bag and send me on my way, causing me to miss today at work...which I had already paid for. Should she provide me a prorated refund for the 5 days shes refusing to provide care?
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