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thanks for responding! I've been refreshing the website eagerly waiting, as this is my first time posting in any forum

She takes payments for two weeks at a time ($360.50)or for the entire month ($721). over the long run I'd be better off paying the full month but I couldn't afford the lump sum after have been on maternity leave for 6 weeks, so I opted to pay the 2 week rate. She did allow a prorated amount since I started in mid November. For November I paid the $360 for 2 weeks (13th through 26th) plus an $83 prorated amount for the last few days of the month. She stated that she normally doesn't prorate but since she has miscalculated the original quote, we could meet at the additional $83 to end off November. The next payment I made was for December 1st through the 14th. Today is the tenth and she turned me away. I asked her to tell me what I owed for the remainder of the two weeks and thats when she started complaining about working Saturdays during the holiday season 😞

Regarding the contract, she said she would make copies after it was completed and signed, but never provided them to me. I let her know today that I still wanted my copy and she said she would probably have it ready mid to late next week. So, unfortunately I do not know the terms for her terminating the contract. Everything I've read say that they can terminate at will, which is fine, but I still feel like she should refund me for what I had already paid since it was her, not me, breaking the deal. I was not delinquent in paying, nor did the conversation become nasty to where she could even suggest that I was being rude or unreasonable. I could understand if there had been a loud argument or if Id become aggressive and threatening, then she wouldn't want to finish proving care. But, we were both calm, she handed me my stuff and I left.
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