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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I think you need to get a copy of the contract.
I dont understand why its taking her so many days to provide... nor why she didn't supply one immediately.

I think you "may" have a legal right to a refund but again, you are going to have to have a copy of your contract.

Do you have any of the convos about this issue between you and the provider in writing or email or text? (especially the info about providing a copy of contract). If not you need to request a copy in writing.

Once you get the contract, we can advise you as to what you your rights are and next steps you should take.

For me personally, its not always about the money but also principle.
I agree that he should have a copy of the contract he signed.
That said, my contract stipulates that the parents must make a copy for their records, and they sign acknowledging this. I even ask when they hand it in if they made the necessary copy.
I would absolutely supply a copy if necessary, but it always surprises me how many people rely on others to provide them with a copy. No way am I signing a contract and submitting it without making myself a copy.
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