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Originally Posted by Play Care View Post
I agree that he should have a copy of the contract he signed.
That said, my contract stipulates that the parents must make a copy for their records, and they sign acknowledging this. I even ask when they hand it in if they made the necessary copy.
I would absolutely supply a copy if necessary, but it always surprises me how many people rely on others to provide them with a copy. No way am I signing a contract and submitting it without making myself a copy.
I expect parents to make a copy themselves as well but in this case, the provider told the parent SHE would make a copy "after it was completed and signed" so this situation seems to be different.

@OP ~ Your decision as to whether you feel it is worth pursuing or not but with text stating refusal to provide a copy of the contract now after she already said she would provide it, would be enough to lead me to filing in small claims court.

I would write the provider a letter stating the facts. You requested copy of the contract, were denied. You are requesting a refund for part of the two week withdrawal period in which the provider refused to provide services. Ask for a refund of that amount by X date or you will file in small claims court. Send the letter via certified mail.

If she does not pay by X date, file in conciliation court. In most states if you win, she will have to cover the cost of filing. If she wins, you are out the money you wanted back and the filing fee.

So like I said, it's your call as to whether you feel it's worth pursuing.
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