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That said, my contract stipulates that the parents must make a copy for their records, and they sign acknowledging this. I even ask when they hand it in if they made the necessary copy.
I would absolutely supply a copy if necessary, but it always surprises me how many people rely on others to provide them with a copy.
I agree I could have done some things differently in order to get my copy, like refuse to sign. The first day we met I asked if the contract was available for me to take home, review, and bring back signed. She said that I could come back at a different time and we would review together, sign page by page, then SHE would copy for me. When that day came she of course had printer issues and she would have my copy to me within 30 days. I was not aware that I would be leaving without a copy because of the statements she made to me in our original interview.
I also could have been more adamant in demanding my copies on a daily basis when I droppedoff my daughter. But either way, she is still the one who didn't do what she said she would :/
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