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Default I Can't Seem to Make a Decision on Closing

I am weighing all of my options about closing. Just the facts as of today.
1.I only have one family with 3 kids. Mom is essential personnel. Dad is not, but is helpless at caring for these 3 kids. He tries, but, it usually is a mess.
2.There is no virus in our county as of this morning, but the next county over (where most people work) is on shelter in place.
3. The other county lists home daycares as essential healthcare businesses. I feel like ours will do the same.
4. I am in the high risk group because of my age. I also have controlled HBP. Other than that, I am healthy.

I am thinking that I will stay open until they do shelter in place. Our county leaders are adamantly opposed to doing this. I don't know why. And our governor seems equally opposed. So, I don't know if they will react in a timely fashion. And, I really, really want the time off. I went back to work 4 days after my husband died to help this family who couldn't find other care. That was fine, hard, but it was ok. But, I really crave some alone time, some time to be by myself with no responsibilities. But, this family was wonderful to us when my husband was so sick and in and out of the hospital. I feel like I owe them some support in return. So, anyone have any insight that might help me make up my mind?
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