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I've had the same problem. Right now we have 4 cases in our county and 4 deaths in our state. Down to three kids right now. Family of one child both parents already worked from home. Was told last night that one family with two of the other kids would be their last day today. She was going to be teleworking from home, she's a nurse practitioner. She comes in today and plans have changed. She was laid off instead and now is going to be going to our local hospital to work. I have struggled to keep open these last two weeks with great anxiety. With her now at the hospital won't help. My husband is 62 and a smoker and I'm 59 with no known health conditions. I stated yesterday that I would more than likely close this Friday for a period of two weeks and see how things are. Said all this to say I feel your pain and I am going to do what's best for my husband and I. While I'm not doing this for the fun of it we're not financially strapped. So that helps. I wish you the best.
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