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I do MGT and it averages me about $75.00 a month for 5 children. Before I did this I was following a program off the computor which was really good but cost me about the same if not more and I was working on it at least an hour a night and more on the weekend preparing for it. My family was having to help me cut things out, etc. By the time I bought ink cartridges to print things off, construction paper, and many other things it was adding up fast. Also if I didn't have something for that day we couldn't do it till I could get to the store and buy it.

I did MGT when my children were little and I did childcare and it was a big hit then. My kids now absolutely LOVE MGT and can't wait everyday to start. I don't follow it to a tee though. I look at what they suggest and then may do it or add my own twist on it. Today we took the spanish cards and did a game with them, wasn't even in the book but I thought it would be fun to do. My parents love it also!

This month is The Pond. I painted a large pond, then added brown around it to look like mud, then lastely green for the grass. Everytime we have a craft that involves something that lives at a pond we tape it up there. The kids go nuts to show the parents what we added that day.

I really love teaching so MGT has helped me in the area and then I love adding my own twist. I can't wait till this summer when I move the classroom outside! If only it would quite raining 95% of the time

I think MGT can send you a sample box to see if it would work for you. You should call each of the companies and see if they would be willing to do something like that and then you could see what really fits for your program.
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