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It's all in the contract-if they don't have it in there they best be putting it in there-ex--my states-If your child hurts another, meaning, another child, my dogs, my helpers, or myself, that requires medical attention, this child will be terminated the day of. If I see fit, that a child needs to be removed for any other reason, a conference will be held to resolve the issues. If nothing is resolved, then a two week notice will be given for the removal of the child. If a child is asked to be removed before the two weeks is over-I PAY what days are left of the two weeks. (Advise from a daycare lawyer-)
I just had a issue like this-but it wasn't the child-it was the parent who was out of line-I just gave a written two weeks-shook hands and said good luck and so be it-I have other children and myself to worry about as well-
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