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let me share with you a way that I did drop in care for a few of my families that were in this same boat. (job loss)

Maybe you might want to be open to something like this? Maybe not?

My drop in is paid by paying a retainer. You must have $200.00 in your retainer account to start. Then you will give your schedule on Friday the week before.

those will be the days that you can come and WILL be charged if you attend or not. Also, if you book a day and are a NO show, there will also be a $15.00 no show fee added to it. I will automatically deduct this from your account.

As you use your days, you then subtract that from the retainer account. Once the retainer account gets down to $50.00 (which is my daily rate for PT) I then make the parent add more money to the account. No money, no care.

It has worked great because I get paid if the come or not, I know what days I expect for them to be here a few days in advance and If they decide to walk away, I have a least 1 day of pay, which if they don't give notice, they don't get back.

I can better explain if needed....
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