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Sorry but I have some darn picky eaters, not quite as bad as some that I've read about on these forums though.
Yesterday we had hot dogs for lunch, a once a month treat here. But with it I served the tiniest servings of baked beans and cottage cheese(with pineapple!) and those 2 things were totally rejected. Along with the 1 red pepper strip, and 1 slice of cucumber And 2 of them ate kiwi.

What you are serving sounds delicious!!! I know I've made plain cheese quesadillas before and maybe 1 dck will eat it. It's frustrating.

Cottage cheese and yogurt are both accepted as a protein source but peanut butter has to have another protein with it because their belief is you probably wouldn't be serving the whole amount required for the 1 meal.

They love yogurt but I already serve that as a snack and part of a breakfast each week.
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