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Default end of year receipt

Originally Posted by jenboo View Post
Hi! I sent out end of year statements that included the total amount paid and my EIN.
I have always done it this way.
I had a parent respond saying their accountant needs the year end statement to have a full name, business name (not registered), address and EIN on it.

What exactly do I need to be giving out to parents? Do I just type of some document with that info and their year end total? Do i need to show all payments??

All advice is appreciated.. ive never had anyone have issues with what I have given out.
Nope. There is not even a requirement you give the parent a receipt or your EIN unless the parent previously gave you Form W-10. So, tell the parent they have all the information they need. If you want to do what the parent asks, you can, if you don't want to create a hassle with a parent you like to continue in your program. But, it's not required!
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