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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This is an ignorant statement. Of course it's less than minimum wage. Why would you even be working if your just giving exactly what you make directly to someone else, only you pay taxes on the money, and gas etc. so your actually in the red. They watch more than one child at a time Thad where the profit is.
This is equally as ignorant.

Not all parents work for minimum wage.
The child care provider pays taxes on the income as well.
My profit isn't from the fact that I watch more than one child at a time.
My profit comes from the quality care provided to the children in attendance, whether that be one or 10 children.

...and to say "Why would you be working just to give the money you are making directly to someone else?" is akin to providers that wonder why parents have children they bring directly to daycare for someone else to "raise".

Bottom line for all parents is if you can't afford child care, stay home with your child and provide care yourself.
If you can afford child care and you choose to use it, do so but stop complaining about it.
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