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Default First Day of Kindergarten, Am I Overreacting?

My son had his first day of kindergarten today, I got a great vibe from his teacher and the school in general until I picked him up.

Lunch boxes are kept in a basket outside the classroom door. I placed his there at drop off. At pick up it was not there. His teacher was busy releasing kids and unable to say much about it. We found it in another kindergarten classes basket, untouched. Found out later he'd bought lunch (they keep track). I'm glad he had something but I don't know what happened that he didn't get his lunch and I didn't feel like anyone gave a crap. Did no one notice the extra lunchbox? His name was on it. He's five and it's his first day, they should be looking out for them more.
Its so different than his preschool. Otherwise his day was good.
But maybe I am overreacting. He's my only child.
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