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Default keeping house fresh

All those smells are inevitable in a daycare/home setting. Covering them up with chemical scents such as candles, plug-ins, sprays, etc is just, well, covering them up. Those things do not get rid of bacteria or odors. Plus, you are exposing yourself and the kiddos to synthetic chemicals that are horrible for everyone but especially for anyone with asthma/allergy/respiratory issues. Why do you think you get a headache when you smell all those scents? Because they're artificial, synthetic chemicals. In my home care, I use the best, purest, essential oils that not only KILL odors but also bacteria, viruses, and are antiseptic, as well. I use them in a diffuser to disperse them in the air, in spray bottles for cleaning everything including toys ( won't harm kids-actually is beneficial) and for my personal healthcare. Why use something full of chemicals when you can use something completely pure and natural! All from nature!
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