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Originally Posted by Snowmom View Post
No bleach- you'll wreck your carpet and furniture.
Sanitizing tabs are what these usually use. Like Steramine tablets (Amazon).

Honestly, unless you purchase an electrostatic sprayer, then it's really no different than using a fine mist sprayer with sterilizing solution. The electrostatic sprayers are expensive. Usually $400+.
Yeah I wouldn't buy it if bleach is what is used that'd be terrible for your lungs too I'd imagine. I have a little guy with croup/reactive airways and my kids and husband have a family history of pulmonary hypertension. I would use vinegar if I could. I wonder if the solution that goes in these things safe for mouthing kids? It's probably too good to be true. It would b good for outdoor equipment probably though like my climber and swing set but so is a spray bottle of bleach solution and a garden hose. I'll have to check into the solution for them and the tabs you mentioned.
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