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We are looking into possibly buying some land between Aurora and Virginia and building OR just buying but it's hard to find a place that is suitable to do daycare in and after my first go round, I know that I want a basement with a walk out. It doesn't have to be finished as we are pretty handy people. LOL. But I need at least that.

It's just hard figuring out how far from Virginia is too far in order to make the in home work. We will probably have to rent for a year or two as we have some things that we will be paying off in order to be able to get the rating we want with another mortgage (think student loans). Which is fine as it would give me another 2 years or so to get it all together and "do it right" this time so I'm not doing everything by the seat of my pants and losing my love for it.

We love the small town mining feel of Biwabik and Aurora. Maybe even Eveleth would be okay too but like I said.. how far is too far out from a "major" smaller town.

I'm was strictly play based previously but would like to have a schedule with some preschool time in there also. I lost my motivation because it was the same thing over and over and over again. Is that something that is wanted up there? I know you are on the other side of Virginia so it's probably different over there too. So much to think about.

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