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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Really? I am curious to know what kind of things you called on parents for.

Honestly I am not an idiot, and I care about the children. I am just having a really hard time with this.

Haven't been in the business too long so haven't dealt with this sort of thing yet.

I definitely see both sides of the situation though.
My very first call happened 6 months into my first year... Single mom was a nurse... 2 kids both under 4, little girl (2.5) got bit on her behind by their dog & mom didn't tell me; changed babies diaper ( she was crying that she hurt too) , her but was severely bruised & cut - called mom to come take her to ER (Mom was 5 minutes from me at the hospital) - nope she refused, said her job was more important than kids injury - called CPS, told them and guess what - turns out she had another possible neglect already - Mom took kids & left the state the next day with CPS chasing her.

2nd one same year, Mom decided to whip her child in front of all the daycare n kids & my own after I told her it wasn't allowed in my home ( it was at pickup and he had been acting out bad); WV doesn't allow spanking kids (even your own) for punishment and this was a whipping ( kid was 5)... yeah, so not happening on my watch - again called CPS as she left

3rd time Mom came to pick up her disabled child on Date night and she had been drinking... told her I was calling cops and CPS if she left with her child, that I would gladly call a cab for her to get home ( on her dime)... nope she started arguing and tried to hit me ( again in front of my own child) and she took off with her daughter... cops arrested her less than a block from my house
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