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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
So much wrong with that place! I don't understand why, whether the place is considered affiliated with a school or not, it wasn't subject to licensing scrutiny??? Why don't the same rules and regs. apply as through out the rest of the state? Don't schools get checked out?? And how did that one employee make it 4 months without reporting to officials in the first place? Or any of the employees for that matter?? It boggles the mind how this could've kept going on without 'stirring' the pot'.
Most of the pictures were disgusting, disturbing and very sad to think kids were living that while parents were working. Also, were there more parents that came out to speak up after the shutdown? Seems to be so little said about that.

Wait, have they NOT shut them down?
It's my understanding that this place is still open, and the state has not said if they will look into the matter.

I live about a half hour from this place, but I'm in Kansas. I was not aware at how lax Missouri is in their regulations, and shocked that they could be exempt from inspections just because they turn in a curriculum.

Something definitely needs to change here.
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