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Originally Posted by Core12 View Post
Please help!!!
I have a baby daycare 0-2 years old and watch 6 babies. Each week I request a Package of diapers from the parents. All of the parents comply except one. She packs four in his diaper bag on Most days but sometimes she forgets all together. It irritates me bc I feel like she is oppositional defiant. I feel like she is afraid that one of her diapers will be used for another child....when actually I have to sometimes borrow a diaper from another for her child
I have prayed to see her differently but nothing has changed yet. I really can’t stand her. She lingers around for up to 45 mind at pick up just to spy on my interactions with the other children and I have watched her kid now for 8 months. Last week she said, “I would love to come by sometime and just sit for a day”...I just ignored her. Maybe somewhere on the internet it says that daycares should be ok with that...but I’m not...bc this is my home and she judges Everything I do.
She only allows me to feed her son purée 6 month baby food that she brings bc she is afraid he will choke (he is 11 months).
Yesterday at pickup she mentioned that the other children were hyper and said, “you must have had some sugar”. She thinks she is being slick, but she was trying to find out if I fed them nutritious snacks.
She didn’t vaccinate her kid either and I believe she couldn’t find another reputable daycare who would tolerate that which is why she is still here.
I also think she has a recording device in the diaper bag. Bc sometimes I deliberately make comments right by the bag about her (Iesha needs to take her son to the dr for pink eye) and she will respond the next time I see her about it. Her husband is a computer guru and I know this is quite possible. I watch these babies with my mom and am going to put all of them into the play room tonight at pick up...then when a parent comes my mom can just come in and get one and that should speed things up with ppl leaving earlier.
I'd replace.

This is way too much unecessary-ness for one child/parent.

Resentment and contempt are a provider's worst enemy.
When they show up, it's time to part ways with the root.
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