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I have a strict "no diaper bag" rule. The kids all have a cubby. In that cubby goes a change of clothing.

I have shelves above my changing table and when each child gets down to about 6 diapers, the parents are expected to bring a whole pack to refill the shelf.

On the first of each month, all parents bring a pack of wipes. I work my way through them during the month, so I only have one container on the changing table at a time.

In the past, I have found lighters, condoms, medications, used tissues, small change, a small knife and more in diaper bags. I refuse to have to search bags for restricted items, so it's no bags here at all. I am honest with the parents and tell them exactly why. It's a safety concern.

Oh...and no diapers or not enough diapers means no care for the day and no refunds.
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