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Originally Posted by CharlesReese View Post

Companies still have to take out federal income tax, state income tax, health care fees, retirement, S.S. fees, and disability. Of course some of these are mandatory while others are voluntarily. So as a daycare are you doing all of this? Do you offer retirement for your employees, paid holidays, paid time off, and sick leave?
Because we are a business we have to pay taxes like everyone else. We also need to pay in more cuz employers pay some of SS.

I just recently went to a weekly rate cuz at an hourly rate when a family decides at the last minute to not bring their child then you now have a day that you could have more children but can not fill due to the fact that you need to keep that spot open for the family that is paying an hourly fee that changes their schedule when they see fit. As a weekly fee the parents are paying for the spot & is more convenient.

I found this that I think explains the weekly pay pretty well & will be handing it to may parents when they sign up

*Do you pay for a whole month of cable-even if you only watch it 24 days a month?
* Do you pay full price for your VCR if you only use it twice a week?
* Do you pay full price for your meal even if you don’t finish it?
* Do you pay the same rent/mortgage even when you are at work 5 days a week?

In my child care, you pay per “position”, which means that the position is held just for your child and is not based on attendance.

Your childcare fees provide my income including the taxes, which I pay into. Your fees pay for food, paper products, cleaning supplies, play equipment, baby equipment, art and craft supplies, utilities, nap mats, pack n plays, special chairs and furniture, strollers and car seats. Lots of repairs and wear and tear, entertainment expenses, paperwork and supplies, special events and all the other things that your child will use.

Like other self-employed workers, family childcare providers do not receive the benefits many employees take for granted. These include, health/dental insurance, retirement/pension, paid personal days, personal vacation time, maternity leave, workers comp, flexible time off and unemployment insurance. These benefits often amount to as much as 35% of a person’s wages.

Family childcare is a blessing to your family, in that your children will have much more individual attention and opportunities for learning, and much less illness than a center. There is also much less staff turnover, as your child will have one person caring for him or her only, and will not be transferred from one room in the center to another. This kind of ongoing relationship between child and caregiver has been shown to be the very healthiest situation possible for young children.

Unlike other forms of self-employment, family childcare is very restrictive in that there is no room for growth. The state dictates the size of my business. I cannot take time off for appointments or obligations without careful planning. Most people have a 40 hour work week. Mine is 55 hours and up, and that does not include all my preparation, bookkeeping, paperwork, shopping or cleaning time.

I hope this gives you a better understanding about all the ways in which your childcare fees are applied.
I charge for 10 holidays but do not charge for for my sick days or vacation days. I tell all my parents that I am open during bad weather & it is up to them if they came.

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