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Exactly my thoughts *Interested*
Sometimes I think parents whine more than children. You are paying for the slot, not for the hour. If you want it spelled out.... you have a yearly flat rate. It is broken down for your convenience. Or would you rather pay by the year?? The only thing to change this is what the policy makes exceptions to. Have you ever heard of salary pay? No matter how many hours you work, it is a flat pay. It is the same principle. Got a problem? Start your own day care and see what we are talking about, then maybe you would understand better. If we catered to everyones whims, we would watch your precious for free 24/7.
You seem a little bitter! I am sure you have had your run in with parents. Im also sure you have some lower income families who may have a difficult time paying for daycare. It may help you if you did break it down for them so they could understand why you do charge for these times and show them that it makes it easier to help keep your daycare open and running as it should. And yes parents do whine as much as children I work with both and if you take a look im sure you have had your own share of whining as im sure I have.
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