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Everyone whines about their jobs once in a while. I have paid holidays and 2 weeks paid vacation in my contract. Although I love my job, the ultimate reason for me to do childcare was to be home with my own children also. I feel that my children deserve some one on one time with just their mom, and not their mom taking care of everyone elses children. Also, there are many parents out there, that unless I closed for my vacations, they would NEVER take the time to spend with their kids. I am licensed for 8, but I keep my limit to about 5, so everyone can get the most attention I can give. If I am charging $125 (approx) a week per child, and I did not get paid for my week vacation, then I am out about $600.00 for the month. I depend on that money to pay my mortgage and buy food (for the daycare kids also, who by the way, are supposed to be fed breakfast prior to arrival-but seldom do). The parents wake them up and they are in a car within minutes. The parents don't take the time to sit down to breakfast with their kids. Bottom line is: I cannot find a child for one day to fill in the spot that a parent decides at 8:00 in the morning not to bring their child. There is not a line of kids waiting at the door for fill-in childcare to supplement my income. Also to the "educated" woman who says we should get an education if we want the benefits: I do have an education, but I felt it was more important for me to raise my won children, than have a stranger do it for me. Also, I can have the benefits, because it is my company and I make the rules. Parents know this up front, and I have parents refer me to friends and come back when they have had more children because they trust me and can't imagine going elsewhere with their babies. I treat the children like they are my own, and if the parents have to be at work, their kids should be loved as if they were home. This entitles me to some benefits. I will never have a retirement or a 401K or life insurance or health insurance......but I sure will take some paid time off.
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