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Default Paid less than minimum wage

If you are not happy with paying for your providers holidays, then find a new provider. I am amazed at the parents out there who don't read the documents presented to them and then complain.

You need to pay the entire cost to rent a hotel room . . . you can't just pay for the hours you are in the room. It's still your room from the time you sign the register until you check out.

I don't charge my parents for my sick days or vacation. I do charge for holidays as most providers do.

But to make it "Fair" to parents and providers alike, lets try it this way. Parents, you don't have to pay for holidays but you do have to pay your provider at least minimum wage. Federal minimum wage is currently $6.65 per hour and will be 7.25 per hour in July. So to make it easy, lets just call it $7 per hour.

So, if you leave your child with your provider for 40 hours a week at $7 per hour your weeky fee would be $280.00.

I wonder how many of you are paying alot less than minimum wage when you break it down by hour?

Considering the great service they provide you. You child is loved, happy, educated and well cared for. That isn't even worth minimum wage to you?

Most providers care for kids because they enjoy it. They arn't out to screw parents. If they were, you'd be paying more than minimum wage per hour. So whats the compromise for affordable weekly care? Be considerate and appreciative and pay for holidays!
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