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I know in many states there are time restraints that a provider can be open, like only 1 shift, or max of a set amount of hours per 24 hours.

The only reason I say this is because, as a provider, I lose out on so much of our family time/personal time as it is, as my work day now is 11+ hours from set up 6 a.m., arrival at 6:30, then close at 5 pm, then clean up.

I just think for a person to function well, they need personal/family time and caring for children 24/7, or even 2 shifts per week, does not allow for that. I have often wondered how people who do this do their shopping, appointments, school functions for own children, etc. I just think it is way to easy to get burned out this way. Heck, doing it 1 shift has it's issues of long days, and no benefits. At least in the evenings I can get away from it.
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