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Originally Posted by mac60 View Post
I know in many states there are time restraints that a provider can be open, like only 1 shift, or max of a set amount of hours per 24 hours.

The only reason I say this is because, as a provider, I lose out on so much of our family time/personal time as it is, as my work day now is 11+ hours from set up 6 a.m., arrival at 6:30, then close at 5 pm, then clean up.

I just think for a person to function well, they need personal/family time and caring for children 24/7, or even 2 shifts per week, does not allow for that. I have often wondered how people who do this do their shopping, appointments, school functions for own children, etc. I just think it is way to easy to get burned out this way. Heck, doing it 1 shift has it's issues of long days, and no benefits. At least in the evenings I can get away from it.
In our home, the daycare children are treated just the same as our own kids.

What do you do with your own kids when you go shopping, appointments, school functions, etc? You take them with.

We're not talking a full litter here, maybe two DC kids at the most in the evenings, and it's not every night.

The DC kids sit down with us and play games, have "movie nights", go putter in the garden, or go for an evening walk just as if they were our own. It's not such a big deal.
Spouse of a daycare provider....which I guess makes me one too!
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