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Looking at last week's schedule alone, if I chose to be open say 5am - 6pm, it would have been a losing week. I'd have had a 6yr old Mon from 5:30a - 4p and Tues from 12:30p - 5p. I could have provided care for a 16mo old boy Thurs from 8:15a - 6:30p, oh wait. I closed at 6... Of course that 16mo old boy would have found different care already, as his single mom works two jobs and I have him usually 7am - 8p. This doesn't include my two families that work second shift.

In our area there is an abundance of daycares open from 5a - 6p, it's very difficult to find alternate hours. Like CH said, there are days every week where there are either no kids in the am, or they're all gone by early afternoon. This is my family time with just our kids. Sundays are all ours too. I'm very happy with this arrangement.
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