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I charge for ten paid holidays and I am closed for one week of unpaid holiday during the week of christmas.

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Veterans Day
Presidents Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Good Friday
Labor Day
Week of Christmas (Unpaid)

Please remember that most of us are open M-F a minimum of 7am-5:30pm. That's a 10.5 hour day with no breaks for lunch etc. We don't get sick days. Some of us are open 6am-6pm - 12 hours.

We are not the enemy, we are the people you are trusting with your most precious asset, your children. For our mental health and the best interest of your child some of us take paid holidays.


P.S. Also most of us have children of our own that are off those days too!
My child is in a home child care and only goes 3 days a week and is the only child at the time, if a holiday falls on a saturday and they would normally close on friday would it be fair for me to pay an additional day of pay or just not bring my child in on one of the 3 days he does attend for "paid holiday"?????
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