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Default Taking days off and getting paid for them

In my contract it reads, every family must pay me 2 weeks(10 days) vac. from Jan. to Jan. of every yr.
It also reads, if I take a day off, sickness, emergency, etc. I will take it unpaid or out of my vac. days.
Knock on wood, I have never had to just take off a day in over 5 yrs. now.
I also get paid the Holidays as well
In my mind, and I think in quite a # of minds- our job is just as important as anyone else's without the benefits- no health, dental, eye ins. no 401 K, no bonus, sick days, etc.
Everyone diserves a paid vacation whatever their profession!!
I left a nursing job after 7 yrs. to stay at home with my children. I was getting 5 weeks vac. (20 days when I left) I only worked there 4 days a week, but over 32 hrs.
These are some very well said thoughts in here!!! GOOD POINTS!!!!
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