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Default I'm either nice or an idiot! LOL

Since I opened back in Nov. 2005, I have never charged for holidays, sick days, vacations, or days where parents decided to keep kids home. Incidentally, I have never raised rates either. Until recently, I even provided a back-up for my vacations, emergencies and if I was sick. What changed with that is that I kind of realized how little some of the parents thought of the service that they re provided. My daughter, Olivia, got the H1N1 virus and I closed down for 3 days. It's in my contract that I don't provide back up care now. Every family except 2 of them were cool. The 2 mad families don't have a back up. I just gave them a number and told them to call and work it out. I'm sure that I speak for most providers when I say that we bend over backwards to provide awesome care for our kids and it would be nice if that effort was appreciated. So you have to pay for holidays! BIG WHOOP. Does your employer complain about paying you for holidays and sick time (to your face, I mean...) Those 2 mad families also made my life miserable in September when my nephew, Anthony, unexpectedly passed away. He was born on 9/10 and died on 9/11 from pulmonary hypertension. I bent over backwards to try to help eveyone find care because it was so sudden. I have a friend who needs money so she helps out when I give her number out. She couldn't be at my house until 8:30am so the 2 families had to arrange own care for an hour 7:30-8:30. They complained and I broke down and found someone to cover but they didn't like that person. These are also the same 2 families that send their kiddos sick and then say its teething or allergies or what now. Parents, when you have a provider that tries to accommodate your needs and that loves your kids and more importantly, your kids love them back, don't take that for granted. Not every provider is like that. Pay your holiday pay and get over it!!!
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