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I wasn't going to post here, because it seems to have turned into another one of those volatile threads where I, too, have a strong opinion. But here I go...

The best arrangement I've ever had with a provider was this: A flat weekly rate. When the children attend at least 3 days of the week, I pay the full week. (example: Thanksgiving--two off days, but full week paid) If I decide not to bring my child (for whatever reason), full tuition is still paid. However, if the provider closed (always with as much notice as possible, but things do come up at the last minute) and I had to find alternate care, there was no fee for that day.

If you want to call your pay "salary," then keep in mind that you are implying that your parents are your employers. That is most certainly not the case.

I pay for child care so that I can work. I will not pay the provider for a week of paid vacation. (I don't get a week of paid vacation. How much sense does it make for me to hand you money when it means that I will either have to pay double to have someone actually watch my children or lose a week of pay at work, which may even cost me my job?) I will, however, pay for a week in the summer when my children are not attending because I chose to take them on vacation.

To me, it makes sense to pay a full week tuition for a week that contains one or two days off due to a holiday, but a week of paid vacation is just outrageous. Don't get me wrong, you ladies deserve a paid vacation, but I can't afford to finance it.
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