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I've been muddling through issues like this since opening 9 months ago, and I've come to a solution that I like, and that I think is fair for parents. If they choose not to be here, they pay. If I choose to close, they don't pay. My rationale is that if I take a holiday or a sick day, they'll need to pay someone else to watch their child. If I'm open but they choose to take a family day or whatever, they still need to pay their regular rate. The only exception to that are stat holidays, which I require pay for. I know all of my parents have stats off and get paid for them. If I had a parent with a different situation, I'd probably make some arrangement with them for that.

I am running a business, but I'm trying not to gouge parents in the process. But since it is a business, and I'm an "independent contractor", they totally have the right to look elsewhere if they don't like the rates I charge.

And just like any other business, if I'm losing money because parents don't like the way I do things, I'm the one that needs to change. When it gets right down to it, I'm selling a service. If people aren't buying, I'm the one that suffers (along with my family of course). I would encourage any parents that have issues with their provider's fee schedule to do something about it -- take your business elsewhere!
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