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I think the problem is this...



Organic/whole foods
Preschool curriculum
The best toys, the best educational tools
A provider with the patience of a saint
To have daycare available at least 11 hours per day

I DON'T want:
To pay more than the absolutely cheapest rate around.
To provide the provider any type of stable income so that the standards I desire can be upheld.
To respect the provider as a professional.

What I have learned over the last eight years is this...the people who want the most, also want to pay the least. They are the most demanding, leave their children in care the longest, and sadly, thier kids are the most likely to act out and be disruptive.

When you interview people whose biggest concern is how cheaply they can aquire care your best bet is to cut and run. You will save yourself a ton of hassle in the end.
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