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This is exactly why I never have or never will take state aid families. Most of them (not all) have the "entitlement mentality", you know they think because of (in many instances) they made bad choices in their life, the rest of us should pick up the pieces and pay their way. I don't what those kind of people in my home. While I realize that not ever person/family falls into the category of the "entitlement mentality" if I don't personally know them, there is no way of knowing. I guess being a person who has always worked, paid my own way, and worked my butt off for what little we have, I just don't have a whole lot of respect for many of these people.

A past family that I had, they both worked at the same company. It was a Honda plant that made parts for Honda. While I don't know how much they made at their job, I am certain between the 2 of them they made at least $25per hour combined. They had 2 kids. They had a descent home probably valued about $135,000. In 2005 they bought a brand new Pacifica. In 2006 they bought a brand new Colorado 4 door pick up truck. About 4 months after they bought the truck, the mom came in and in a very abrupt way asked me how many bottles D. drank each day (he was 10 mo old). I told her, and she said, "Yea, they said we make too much money to get WIC anymore and now we have to buy our own formula". OMG, I was so pissed, to think that our system was buying formula for a family that was driving 2 brand new vehicles, and they were not cheap ones. She felt they were "entitled" to free formula for some reason. Gees, no one ever gave me free formula or anything else free. I always paid my own way. I eventually had to terminate this family for not paying on time and severe behavior issues with their 5 yr old. Funny the parents could afford these 2 vehicles, yet couldn't afford to take their child to get help for severe behavior issues. Once again....poor choices.
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