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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Considering the average home day care provider works an average of 10.5-12 hours/day with no breaks and no lunch to accommodate the varying needs of her clients I find it essential that she get paid for holidays just as any working professional would. I also think it is important that she get paid for vacations otherwise she might not be able to afford to take them. I don't feel it is healthy for anyone to work those hours 5 days a week and to be financially discouraged from taking vacation and holiday time. Do you really want that unhealthy overworked person caring for your child?
Thank You!! I work 12 hr days, with often no real break, and have only taken 2 sick days in 8 years. Still I have occasionally heard griping about my standard paid Holidays. I need to be able to budget, so getting paid consistently regardless of attendance, including those few holidays, is what allows me to pay my bills on time and continue to purchase quality curriculum and materials for the children in care. We are expected to throw Holiday parties, provide Christmas gifts , birthday cupcakes- and generally enjoy it, but it does make one feel unappreciated when you have to argue and justify every penny you charge and every hour you take off. My families were unhappy about me taking the Friday off after Thanksgiving as a paid Holiday, until I explained that the clinics are not open any of my other Holidays (4th of July, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Years Day, and I had not had a physical in 7 years or managed a dental appt in 2. I made at least that committment to myself and my family that I deserve that and will do it every year. You're daycare is blessed to have a client who understands and values them.
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